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How to Identify Roof Damage

Visible damage to your roof on the outside of your home can come in a variety of forms, and responsible homeowners should check for signs of damage regularly. Water damage can cause spots or cracking paint, while wind damage might include anything from loose or broken gutters to missing shingles.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage & 4 Common Exceptions

Homeowners insurance makes sure that you and your family are protected in the event that your home or its contents are damaged. Most policies cover dangers like fire, wind, lightning, vandalism, and theft. But homeowners should know what their policies do and do not cover—the answers may surprise you.

3 Tips for a Fire-Resistant Landscape

Fire damage can be devastating and with California in the midst of a historic drought, the threat of wildfire and widespread destruction is higher than ever. These 3 tips for a fire-resistant landscape could help protect your home during a disaster, or provide the time you need to evacuate your loved ones.

4 Keys to Surviving a House Fire

The years-long California drought makes some residences more susceptible to fire damage than ever. It’s important to prepare your home and family for an emergency, but if the unthinkable happens and a fire breaks out, how will you deal with it? These 4 keys to surviving a house fire are a simple guideline for keeping your loved ones safe in a dangerous situation.

Earthquake Insurance & Preparation

Since major earthquakes are rare and unpredictable, most homeowners don’t think insurance is worth the cost. But understanding the benefits of earthquake insurance and preparation could make all the difference in keeping your home and family safe if the “big one” ever arrives.

Dangers of Mold

The dangers of mold exposure go beyond unsightly patches on wallpaper or beneath bathroom sinks. Mold spores are easily inhaled and can cause or aggravate respiratory problems, including permanent lung damage from some strains. Since mold is so common—one gram of house dust can contain thousands of mold spores—understanding the underlying causes of indoor mold is the key to keeping your home and family safe.

4 Signs of Water Damage & What To Do About It

Whether you moved into your house 50 years or 50 minutes ago, water damage can be a serious threat to your home and family. It’s important for every homeowner to be aware of the warning signs, and be able to deal with these issues before they get out of hand. These 4 signs of water damage will allow you to spot trouble before it ruins your home, and help you find the professional fix you’ll need.

Preparing Your Home For Vacation

Nothing spoils a trip out of town like worrying about the state of things back home. A few of these tips and tricks, however, can help in preparing your home for vacation, and let you get back to worrying about all that relaxation you’ll get while you’re gone.