Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I call my insurance company or Cal-Best first?

We are happy to come to the scene of your property damage right away when you call us. It doesn’t really matter whom you call first, what’s important is that you notify your insurance company as soon as possible as well, so they can send their claims adjuster out and get the process started for restoration. For more information, please view Our Process.

Do I have to use the contractor my insurance company recommends?

As the property owner, you have the right to choose whom you want to work on your property. YOU hire the contractor, not the insurance company. So choose a professional, reputable contractor you feel comfortable with. Read what our clients have had to say about Cal-Best.

Do I have to wait for my insurance company to come out before I can hire someone to start the rebuilding process?

It is your due diligence as a property owner to hire someone right away to minimize the damage. We recommend calling your insurance company right away to report a claim, and then calling Cal-Best at 714.630.1180 to come out, assess the damage, and get started on a bid right away.

Do I pay Cal-Best or my insurance company?

Our contract is always with YOU, the property owner—our contract is not with the insurance company. We will always let you know what portions of your claim are handled by anyone other than us so you always have a clear understanding of whom you are dealing with. For example, if you are displaced from your home, the insurance company handles your alternate housing. Also contents destroyed and remediation issues (e.g., mold abatement) are beyond our scope of repairs. But rest assured, when you are dealing with Cal-Best, we are your advocate, so we will always be honest and up front with you about the process, including all parties’ respective responsibilities.

What if something unexpected comes up on the job?

Sometimes unforeseen issues arise during the course of a construction project. Many companies want the property owners to agree to implied change orders, which can end up resulting in a longer, more expensive project. How does Cal-Best handle the unexpected things that arise on the job?

We do our very best at the outset—before the project has even begun—to anticipate and make allowances for any potential obstacles or setbacks in your project, so the work can continue to progress while we deal with any side issues that come up. Anything that deviates even slightly from the original scope of repairs will NOT be done without the property owner’s knowledge and written consent. There are no “implied change orders” with Cal-Best.

Would you like to discuss further?

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